How I Wrote My Dissertation – A Postgraduate’s Story

I was in my 2nd semester in the University when I missed a deadline for a written assignment. It was the first such situation in my student career. After much coaxing, pleading and pledging the paper was accepted and I was allowed to keep my grade. I was fairly frustrated as the possibility of more such situation was looming large when a friend of mine reminded me about professional dissertation writing service that helped writing post graduate and undergraduate dissertation.

Starting off
Though I was aware of the thesis helper, I never paid much attention to them. But now with my lapse and the imminent pressures of writing assignments in the forthcoming semesters, I decided to find out more about dissertation writing services. It was easy – I just typed dissertation writing UK and the addresses of a whole multitude of services were on my screen. I was flabbergasted – how to find the best dissertation writing service from this enormous list? I saw that some these services had a customer care number and I rang up conveyed my needs. I took down the details of their charges and other offers and repeated the process with a few more services. Then I started comparing.

The things I compared the services were on –

  • Money –
  • I found out the approximate charge per page for a PG paper over a normal duration. It matched my budget and so I ignored the expensive ones.

  • Guarantees –
  • I chose to explore those who guaranteed against plagiarism and pledged a ‘money back’ if this guarantee was void. Fewer offered further guarantee against any let down by the service. Finally I was left with only a few agencies who also offered additional exclusivity guarantee (this means that they will not keep a copy of your paper with them after delivery)

  • Offers –
  • The services in their sales pitch named a score of free offers. Of these I found a few particularly helpful

    1. A free editorial service – I liked the idea. The editorial service also meant that my paper will be checked for adherence to the particular format specified.
    2. A free bibliography page – this was very helpful as a proper bibliography was necessary in my level of education and without that papers were liable to be disqualified.
    3. A relaxed revision period – A relaxed revision period meant that I could get a preliminary check by mu guide before submission.
  • Writers –
  • This actually should have been the first in the list. I settled for the service who offered me to choose my writer from its pool and also a direct communication with him while the paper was being written. I contacted with the writer and to my relief found that he was an ex professor of my subject and most importantly a native English speaker. This was the deal breaker for me.

Was I satisfied? Definitely I was! After trying out with some small assignments I commissioned my dissertation to the agency. This gave me so much more time to spend on research work as I didn’t have any writing to do. All the notes, thoughts and ideas were passed on to my writer who painstakingly and accurately incorporated them in the paper. Thanks to my dissertation help – I actually enjoyed my dissertation!

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