Five Features of a Well-Written Dissertation Paper

As you seek to be awarded your PhD, you will need to research and then write your dissertation. It could take you a year to do this properly. You will have the guidance of a faculty advisor. You will also be given examples, templates, and a variety of advice relative to your school.

The document will have many parts. It will start with a title page that adheres to your school’s specifications. Then it will be followed with your acknowledgement page. This is where you thank the people who have helped you along the way. You can decide whom to thank and look at sample formats to complete that. Then you will begin to look at the five most important sections of your piece.

Five Features

  1. Abstract
  2. this is a brief summary of what the paper will tell the reader. It is not an extensive and detailed re-telling of the piece. It is usually no longer than a page and often times shorter. Most schools have very specific rule son how long they wish for the abstract to be.

  3. Introduction
  4. this section of the piece will give facts and background material on your selected subject. You want to update your reader on the subject, so the paper can be understood.

  5. Methodology
  6. in this piece of your project you will discuss what methods and tools you used to prove your thesis. You may mention things such as case studies, graphs, surveys, and experiments implemented. These things give validity to your piece.

  7. Conclusion
  8. this is made up of several paragraphs where you will restate your thesis, close out and conclude, and give a universal statement of the subject matter. It is not too lengthy and is not a re-telling of the entire piece. Many people try to do this, and this is a mistake. It needs to finish strong and confidentially.

  9. Reference Page
  10. there are different types of reference pages. How you set up your page depends on the format that you use such as MLA or APA. You can have a professional writer or tutor help you with this section if you are confused about how to do it. You can also find a sample piece to use as a model as you work on this. It has to be exact, so make sure you know what to do or hire someone who knows what to do.

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