Composing A Strong Methodology Section In A Dissertation

The research methodology comprises a crucial part of your dissertation. This is different from the research methods and usually comes before the research chapter which talks about the methods, procedures and results. The research methodology therefore should talk about the broad theoretical and academic principles which have prompted you to choose the specific research methods and procedures for this particular study.

If you are hiring the services of a dissertation service, be clear with them about what to write in this segment. This should not sound like your whims and fancy, but should be based on sound judgment, logic and principles. If you have hired a professional dissertation writing service, then they should be able to guide you properly about this segment. Nevertheless it will help you if you know in details how to and what to include and highlight in this segment. This will also help you to guide your dissertation writer and get a quality paper written. The section on methodology of your paper would depend mostly on the following factors.

The method selected

  1. Your thesis statement should dictate your methodology. While forming the question you should ask all probable questions and finding those answers should decide your choice for the research methodology.
  2. Apart from your thesis statement, the methodology will also depend on the previous works done on the subject. Go through them and try to find out the rationale behind the particular methodology applied for the subject.
  3. Take a note of other methods applied by other researchers and their reasons. You can use these arguments to evaluate and select the research method for your paper.

The submission time

  1. If you have to submit your methodology before for approval, then you should state your plan for the research.
  2. If you are submitting the methodology along with your dissertation or paper, then you should spend more time on explaining your choice or the rationale behind the chosen procedures.

The structure

  1. Start with the context of your thesis question. This not only sets the frame or the scope of your operation, but also the reference for all your approaches.
  2. State the reasons for selecting your approach, providing references of previous or contemporary works and literature.
  3. State clearly about how you are going to tackle your thesis question.
  4. Address clearly the weaknesses of the method /s and how would you deal with them.
  5. Conclude the section by summarizing your research methods and the underlying principle for selecting them. You can also remind about the shortcomings of the method.

This section is crucial, so spend considerable time and effort to get it right. An effective way is to consult with your guide or faculty about your choice and incorporate their views. Even if you seek to buy a dissertation, then it is better that you be clear about the methodology and the procedures so that you will be able to direct your dissertation writer to write it as you intended. This can also help you to achieve a unique and one of the best dissertation/s

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