Advice On Writing A Dissertation Literature Review Section

In dissertation writing, the literature review generally comes right after the introduction. As the name suggests, the literature review is a collection and presentation of articles or excerpts or any other sources which are relevant to your topic of research.

Writing a proper literature review is crucial for your dissertation as you have to integrate your paper to existing knowledge on the topic. If this seems a daunting task then you can seek the help of a professional dissertation help service. However it will be beneficial for you to know what goes into writing a brilliant literature review as you buy dissertation online.

Importance of the literature review

  • Provides a reference of all the work done on the relevant issue or topic.
  • Provides an analytical overview of the work done so far on the topic and helps to see your research topic in the light of critical evaluation.
  • Assimilate and interpret the key issues around your topic and make the audience understand the importance of your research topic.
  • Familiarizes and provides insight on the subject for a less informed reader.

Basic content of the chapter
When you are writing the literature review, include the following points –

  • Provide an overview and development of your research topic.
  • Divide the works into categories according to the relevant viewpoints and present them in an unbiased manner.
  • Gather and dispel or resolve conflicting opinions, views or beliefs on your topic with the help of existing works.
  • Point the literature or publication which is most significant in understanding or shaping your topic.
  • Shed light on contemporary works being done on your topic.

Writing the chapter

Here are some points for you to consider while writing –

Analyze, evaluate and synthesize the works and perspectives. Use reporting verbs to point out

  1. Positive assessments (argue, advocate, etc.)
  2. Tentative assessments (suggest, allude to, etc.)
  3. Neutral assessments (cite, address, etc.)
  4. Critical assessments (condemn, object, etc.)

While presenting the material, be careful about these points –

  1. Select, include and integrate only the material most relevant to your topic.
  2. Make all your analysis and synthesis within the context of your topic.

Citations and references broaden the dimension of your topic and argument. Sources and references should be cited properly and according to the format prescribed by the Institute. Ensure that the sources are authentic and relevant.

The Literature Review is not just a collection of excerpts or quotes. It should represent and connect your ideas logically.

Conclude your literature review.

  • Summarize the important aspects of existing works.
  • Point out and emphasize any lack of information or gaps in these works.
  • Emphasize the importance of you research in the context of existing knowledge.
  • Point to the future research areas on your topic.

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