Picking Up Compelling Dissertation Topics on Marketing and Management

So the time to write your dissertation has finally come. All of your hard work in the past four or five years has led you to this final project. But instead of taking this final step at full speed you find yourself panicking over finding a good dissertation topic. Don’t worry; this happens to a lot more people than you may realize.

  1. In recent news, a major United States fast food company’s spokesperson was convicted of a felony and as such cost the company millions in revenue. What are the biggest challenges faced by the marketing department in trying to regain the public’s trust?
  2. Do marketing departments do more good or more harm when it comes to company spending strategies? Do you think management departments have given marketers too much power when it comes to creating and steering company image?
  3. In the U.S., do marketing departments account for a company’s culture and existing resources to advertise a brand or product to consumers? For instance, are employees used in advertisements or is it preferable to hire outside models?
  4. Examine the ways in which marketing departments and management conflict on company issues regarding spending and resource utlization. Find an example from a real life company in any industry and conduct an analysis of its five year revenue and brand awareness.
  5. Do you think marketing departments should have great power when it comes to creating brand awareness to new markets? For instance, many management divisions aren’t aware of the current trends or preferences of new markets and can’t make a connection.
  6. What are the main qualities management divisions look for in marketing teams when they are in need of a brand reversal or enhancement? Take the case of fast food chain that has recently been found of using tainted meats?
  7. In the 1990s, a popular fast food chain was found negligible for causing sickness and deaths because of sub-standard quality meats. How was marketing able to revive the company so that it’s profits doubled over the next two decades?

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