A Selection Of Thought-Provoking Thesis Topics On Business Ethics

Back in the day of Rockefeller and Carnegie, big business owners did what they wanted and often built their empires on the backs of the little man. Now days, there are rules and regulations that monitor how employers treat employees and protect the employee. If you are taking an ethics or business class, it could be that you have to write a thesis, if you are seeking a higher degree, on business ethics.

Thought –Provoking Business Ethics Topics

  • Hours and wages and how times have changed over the past 50 years.
  • Sexual harassment and employees and employers.
  • Handing discrimination in the workplace.
  • Disparity among employees and the legal issues that can result from it.
  • Countries that still use children and countries that do not have child labor laws.
  • What the definition of a poisonous work place is and what can be done about it.
  • Hacking and the new age of technology.
  • When bad ethics happen to good companies.
  • When the problem is the owner of the company and what can be done about it.
  • Can your company define what ethics means to you?
  • Look at some iconic and well-known lawsuits in business that has resulted due to issues with lying, stealing, cheating, and other crimes.
  • Small companies and how they can circumvent some of the laws and regulations in existence.
  • Insider trading and the stories behind the big events.
  • When business owners have politicians in their pockets, and some of the cases that were famous.
  • When a company benefits from loose rules and flexible ethics.
  • How much of a role should the government play in controlling problems with honesty, morals, and such things at a company?

You will need to have your topic approved, so try one of these thought-provoking ideas. Then you will begin to research and work under the guidance of your faculty advisor. It may take you up to a year to complete this project. However, it will be one of the most important academic documents in your entire schooling. Make sure to have a strong thesis, gather strong documents and support, and write the paper soundly. Once you finish the piece you will argue it before the committee and you will probably get it published. It may lead to your employment.

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