10 Unexplored Science Topics For Your Dissertation

The first and one of the most important steps in completing your dissertation is selecting the topic. Basic as it may sound but the topic of your paper and how you approach it can make or break your paper. If you have the freedom to choose your topic then you should go ahead and make the best selection. If the topic is given then you can always select the approach.

There can be various ways to select your topic:

  • You can select a topic based on your interest, belief or passion.
  • You can select a topic as you know about it or have experienced it.
  • You can select a topic because it is a contemporary or a burning issue.
  • You can also select a topic because you have access to sufficient sources on it.

Select the broad area of interest first and then do some preliminary research on it to form a more concrete statement. This is your research statement or question on which your dissertation will be based. Take help from your guide or faculty to form the research statement and fine tune it.

For writing an outstanding dissertation, the topics you choose must be:

  • Relevant and interesting
  • It has to be unique or the approach should be unique,
  • It should have a question.
  • It should not be too critical.
  • It should be approved by your guide and faculty.

Once you have finalized the topic then you can opt for writing the dissertation yourself or hiring a custom dissertation writing service. Seeking professional help with dissertation writing has its advantages but you have to select carefully. Here are ten interesting and unexplored science topics for ideas for your dissertation including some topics for computer science dissertation.

  1. The convergence of the future – Artificial Intelligence, big data and the digital platform.
  2. A detailed account of how medical science has been helped by the IT industry.
  3. Next generation light sources – focusing on the compact laser plasma acceleration.
  4. The drug design of the future – its usage and efficacy.
  5. How efficient is bio-fuel in comparison to traditional fuel?
  6. Can real time traffic data can be utilized and analyzed to forecast road accidents?
  7. Can nanotechnology help in understanding the role of cells at molecular level?
  8. Can software programs reduce our energy consumption? If so how?
  9. A retrospective on how chemistry has changed the world over centuries.
  10. Options for the search of optimal security in a digital world.

Some of the professional dissertation help services has highly qualified and experienced writers in their panel who can help you forming your research question if you need. But you really have to search from a multitude of dissertation assistance on the net and select the right one for you. this selection can be a time consuming process and so it is always better to do it simultaneously while fixing the topic. Your faculty help still is important as your topic will have to be approved by them.

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