Dissertation Bibliography: Formatting Rules For Dummies

While forming your dissertation, it is natural that you will consider other sources for information as you need to analyze and integrate information from them in your paper. This is necessary to sum up the existing knowledge on the topic and place your research in a proper context. Since the involvement of outside research work is essential for your paper, properly acknowledging those sources is equally important.

Compiling a bibliography may seem an arduous and time consuming task when you write your dissertation but it is an essential part. You can consider seeking help on dissertations online
to write your paper though to save time and energy. You can also approach professional dissertation writers to write just the bibliography. However you plan to work, it will definitely help if you know what should be included in a well organized bibliography. Here are some points for consideration.

Organize the sources
Spend some time and energy to locate your sources and references. Make a list of all the probable sources and their locations. Use some recording device or procedure while you are going through the sources and selecting them. Note all the details clearly and arrange them in a manner so that they are readily available when required.

Follow the format
You should check on the stipulated format of your Institution for academic writing and stick to it. Generally different disciplines use different formats. Of the most frequent styles, the APA format is used for science papers while MLA and Chicago style are used for humanities.

The main characteristics of the principle formats followed are:

The Modern Language Association (MLA) requires you to include a ‘works cited’ page as the bibliography. According to this style you have to list the medium of publication, e.g. print, film or DVD. The basic rule for citation is as follows –
Author’s last name, First name. Title of the book(italics). City of publication: Publisher, year of publication. Medium of publication.

The American Psychological Association(APA) is a more detailed style and you need to consult your faculty about your paper specific requirements. In this style you need to have a ‘reference list’ instead of a bibliography. Here you only have to list the sources that you have used in the paper. The basic rule for citation is –
Author’s last name, First initial. Year of publication. Title of the work(italics). Publisher’s location: Publisher’s name.

Chicago style
The Chicago Manual Style requires a bibliography page for your dissertation. The citation in this format should appear as
Author’s last name, First name. Title of the text(italics). City of publication, Publisher’s name, Year of publication.

General Format
Apart from this three specific styles, there is also a general rule that is followed. Here you list all the outside source in a alphabetical order. The entry contains
Author’s name, Title of the work, Journal where it was published, Publisher, Year of publication.

When you buy dissertation from the net make sure that the dissertation help online is familiar with the writing format and style stipulated by your Institute. A poorly formatted dissertation without a proper bibliography can even be disqualified..

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