A Couple Of Hints On Formatting A Dissertation In Harvard Style

You have an exciting dissertation topic, have sourced most of the information and can’t wait to start writing your paper. You have brilliant ideas to present your information, but dissertation writing is not only about presenting your ideas and information in an eloquent and creative manner but presenting it in a properly formatted manner.

In fact most of the Institutes accept dissertation papers in a specific format or style of writing. One of the many formats across different Institutes is the Harvard style of writing. Here are some hints to write a paper in this format. If you want professional dissertation writing assistance, then make sure that the service or your help has written in this style before.

Physical requirements –

  • Dissertations should be 100 to 300 pages in length and need to be divided into appropriate sections.
  • Same font should be used throughout the dissertation and all pages marked in Arabic numerals. The front matter before the dissertation body should be marked in small Roman numerals.
  • The first page of the dissertation should be a scanned copy of the Dissertation Acceptance Certificate (DAC). This should be followed by a blank page. These two pages should not be numbered.

Order of sections –
The order of sections should be as follows:

  1. Title page – appears after the blank page. You should check with your faculty for the details.
  2. Copyright page – should be unmarked
  3. Abstract – marked in small Roman iii
  4. Table of Contents – this can be single spaced
  5. Front Matter – consist of acknowledgments of help received, dedication, a glossary of terms used, appropriate quotation at the beginning of the dissertation.
  6. Body of Text – double spaced with a margin of 1 inch.
  7. Back Matter – consist of appendixes, bibliography, supplementary figures and tables.

Acknowledging other’s work.

Citations –
In the Harvard style two types of citations are used –

  1. In-text citations are used if you’re quoting or paraphrasing a source. They are present in the body of the dissertation.
  2. Reference Lists contain full details of the sources used in the paper and are attached at the very end of the paper. Reference lists also are intended to allow readers in locating the sources themselves. The information includes –
    • Name(s) of the author(s)
    • Date of publication
    • Title
    • City
    • Publishing house
    • Number of pages

Other than this you are also required to contact your faculty for other details and any discipline specific styles.

They appear at the bottom of the page for a close placement to the reference passage. They need to be single spaced within each entry but double spaced between each entry.

Bibliography is also discipline specific. It may be single spaced within each entry, but must be double-spaced between each entry.

Seeking a dissertation writing help might help you achieve a brilliant paper but you have to select the right writing service. Ensure that your help is familiar with Harvard style formatting before you click the write my dissertation button.

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