The National electronic Library for Health (NeLH) is a gateway to high quality information for health professionals - see Many good quality health information resources are available from the NeLH - you can search for guidelines in the Guidelines Finder and PRODIGY, drug information in the BNF, and systematic reviews in the Cochrane Library and Clinical Evidence. A large number of resources have been pre-appraised, reducing the amount of time you need to spend on critically appraising the information.

NeLH search


There is a NeLH search engine which enables you to search across many resources at once.

For example, typing deep vein thrombosis into the search box retrieves 83 citations, including 20 guidelines/care pathways, 57 under Evidence (includes Cochrane and Clinical Evidence systematic reviews and DARE abstracts), and 2 patient information resources.

The search engine is simple, alllowing you to type in keywords and use AND, OR.

e.g. heart disease AND smoking

vitamin E OR beta-carotene

Always visit the NeLH first to look for evidence to answer your question - it is quicker and easier to use than searching bibliographic databases, and the quality of the resources will be much higher. If you cannot find relevant evidence by searching the NeLH, or you need to do a more comprehensive search, please use the databases and techniques outlined in the rest of this FIND module.